Ongoing Activities

James Cropper has made significant investment in the training and development of our employees in recent years. This includes: 

  • An extensive Leadership Development Programme covering all people-managers across the organisation. The programme focuses on behavioural preferences, encouraging improved self awareness to drive effective change. 

  • Significant recruitment of apprentices including engineering, business administration, purchasing, marketing and Information Technology. 
  • An extensive Sales Excellence programme designed to support more than 40 commercial employees to become even more effective in their roles.

  • A programme of project management training to help a cross-section of key employees to manage projects effectively and efficiently. 

  • Supporting high-potential employees through advanced level qualifications.

  • Promoting key skills training in literacy, numeracy and information technology.

We will continue to develop, stimulate, recognise and reward our people, so that their knowledge, experience and skills enable us to build mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers and help us to achieve our plans for business growth.